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Alumni Fund Ukraine

enables you to contribute to the development of Ukrainian education. You can create a student’s stipend or a teacher’s award, finance a school project or launch a new students competition, or just support financially one of our educational projects.

Your school or university is not yet a part of Alumni Fund Ukraine? You can add it to our network, in order to enable other alumni to financially support it.

Let’s co-create a tradition of alumni giving in Ukraine together. Join us today!

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Your school or university is not yet a part of Alumni Fund Ukraine? Create your team and add your educational institution to our network!

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Donors 6

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                    ivan primachenko
    Ivan Prymachenko
    Co-founder of Prometheus

    I support Alumni Fund Ukraine as I believe that such educational projects as translation of a legendary online course "The Science of Everyday Thinking" into Ukrainian language move our education forward.

    • 17 donations
    Nadiya Vargola
    President and co-founder of Alumni Fund Ukraine

    I believe that there are many people that are ready to support their alma mater and educational projects in Ukraine, given that it can be done in a transparent, simple and reliable manner. This is exactly what is offered by Alumni Fund Ukraine.

    • 1 donations
                  sophia opatska
    Sophia Opatska
    Founding Dean at LvBS

    Only educated and competent people with the right values and morals can change Ukraine. Education plays a critical role in their upbringing. We can radically change the existing system by supporting projects that change education. Alumni Fund Ukraine offers exactly this opportunity to anybody interested.

    • 2 donations
                     anna makarenkova  1
    Anna Makarenkova
    Marketing Director, Chocolate Category at Mondelez International

    I am very grateful for being able to contribute to the development of the Ukrainian education thanks to Alumni Fund Ukraine. I was happy to support ecological projects. Hopefully there will be an increasing interest to the ecological sphere in Ukraine in the future.

    • 1 donations
                          oleksii molchanovskyi
    Oleksii Molchanovskyi
    Senior Teacher at UKU, co-founder of Prometheus

    Alumni of schools, colleagues and universities – are those who know best the needs of their alma mater. That’s why I support Alumni Fund Ukraine.

    • 9 donations
    Iryna petrovska marchiano
    Iryna Petrovska-Marchiano
    PhD, Petroleum Engineer at Chevron

    Lyceum laid a solid foundation for my further academic and professional growth in Ukraine and abroad. Supporting it via Alumni Fund Ukraine allows me to express my gratitude to the Lyceum and my teachers, as well as to help them to continue providing such a solid educational base for the future students.

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