Alumni Fund Ukraine

is an NGO established by Ukrainian alumni in Switzerland with the aim of supporting the development of the Ukrainian education. Its subsidiary organization in Ukraine is a charity fund “Alumni Fund Ukraine”.

Detailed information about our activities can be found in an annual report for 2016, available in English, Ukrainian and German language.



To create a funding platform that can enable people to support Ukrainian educational institutions and education overall, in a simple, transparent and reliable manner.


  • To develop donors’ network for Ukrainian educational institutions and education overall / promote tradition of alumni giving in Ukraine.

  • To unite and support Ukrainian educational activists in their efforts to develop their own educational institutions, by giving them access to ideas, resources and connections with alumni, living in Ukraine and abroad.

  • To introduce global educational best practices to Ukraine and execute country-wide and regional educational projects.


  • Simply
    • Simple mechanism of giving donations via our website
    • Thoroughly prepared list of current needs from educational institutions or possibility to create your own designation for donation.
    • Possibility to easily transfer money from around the world (paypal, etc)
  • Transparently
    • All donors and donations are listed on our website
    • Donors will receive confirmations of their contributions, as well as «thank you» letters from final beneficiaries.
    • Possibility for donors to track development of particular projects or initiatives that they supported.
  • Reliably
    • High ethical standards of work, in particular in forming local teams.
    • Selective audit and monitoring of local teams work.
    • Transparent financial reporting.
  • Cost-effectively
    • 100% of donations (after paying any applicable transfer fees and taxes) are directed to designated purposes/projects.
    • Fund’s development and operating costs are covered through donations specifically designated for this purpose by organization’s founders/global team/other interested donors/grants, etc.
    • The majority of our team members are working as volunteers.
Alumni Fund Ukraine team unites people passionate
about bringing improvements to the Ukrainian education.
Team of the founders of Alumni Fund Ukraine in Switzerland
  • Nadya
    Nadiya Vargola

    co-founder, president

  •                    svitlana lukasevych
    Svitlana Lukasevych

    co-founder, executive VP

  •                iryna klymenko
    Iryna Klymenko

    co-founder, VP strategic development and planning

  •                 dmytro shyshchenko
    Dmytro Shyshchenko

    co-founder, treasurer

Team of a Ukrainian subsidiary organization
of Alumni Fund Ukraine
  • 36304219 1990210474379868 1045294773834874880 o
    Marianna Myrzakova

    general director in Ukraine

Local team
Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
  •                iryna klymenko
    Iryna Klymenko

    branch initiator, alumna

  •                    svitlana lukasevych
    Svitlana Lukasevych

    branch initiator, alumna

  •                 lyubomyr ostapiv dec 2012 small
    Lyubomyr Ostapiv

    branch head, alumnus

  •              olena vlasiuk
    Olena Vlasyuk

    university representative, alumna

Local team
Physics and Technical Lyceum in Ivano-Frankivsk
  •         . .
    Oksana Savchuk

    branch head, teacher

  •           . .
    Nataliya Kuryndash


  •         . .
    Sergiy Deryuga


  • Viktor Voshynskiy


  • Maksym Baziv


  • Dyachyshyn
    Ivan Dyachyshyn


  • Nadya
    Nadiya Vargola

    branch initiator, alumna

Local team
Rusanivsky Physics and Mathematics Lyceum
  • Irina belcevich
    Iryna Beltsevych

    lyceum director

  • Alexander shamovich
    Oleksandr Shamovych

    branch initiator, teacher

  • Irina feshchenko
    Iryna Feschenko


  • Marina gaevskaya
    Maryna Gaevska

    branch initiator, alumna 1998

  • Yuliya filippovska
    Yuliya Filippovska

    branch head, alumna 1998

  • Timoshenko  1
    Svitlana Tymoshenko

    Deputy Director for Scientific Work

  • Sasha16
    Olexandra Shestopalova

    alumna 1998

Local team
Gymnasium in Stryi
  • 0b9x8la9ds4xtdgvgamfcy3nnndg
    Mykhailo Burychka

    branch initiator, alumnа

  • Andriy kashchiy
    Andriy Kashchiy


  • Iryna havran
    Iryna Havran


  • 0b9x8la9ds4xtvwljogxat1jqufu
    Myroslava Loboiko


  • Olena dmytruk
    Olena Dmytruk


  • Roman marunchak
    Roman Marunchak


  • Roman servetnyk
    Roman Servetnyk


  • Ruslana opryshko
    Ruslana Opryshko


  • Vika drapaliuk
    Vika Drapaliuk


  • 0b9x8la9ds4xtuxjhwnh4uelntjg
    Volodymyr Makara


  • 0b9x8la9ds4xtuvp2yzhvrglsvfu
    Yana Khodovytska


  • Andriy stasiv
    Аndrii Stasiv


Global Team
Alumni Fund Ukraine
  •                  larisa zalizniak
    Larisa Zalizniak

    representative in Norway

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